The perks of living on the border of CT and NY is having the best of both worlds and only a 45-50 min train ride into NYC! As much as I love heading into the city, it can be a hassle getting there sometimes as there are certain expenses to keep in mind. A round trip train ticket is about $20 and then depending on where you go, spending money on food, subway rides, events, etc, it all adds up. Before I head into the city, I have some sort of schedule of the things I’ll be doing so I manage my time wisely.



Photo Credit: Vanessa Samuel/@voyavanessa
Photo Credit: Vanessa Samuel/@voyavanessa

If you all look at my Instagram/Instagram stories, you can see that I’ve been spending a good amount of time with my blogger friend Vanessa! While we’re both currently looking for a long-term job, we’ve been taking the opportunity to work on our blog and put as much effort into it as possible. Since I live in Greenwich and Vanessa living in Brooklyn, we both agreed to meet in Manhattan about every week or two weeks to get together and have a fun photo shoot and take photos of the places that we want to go to and of each other. The past few times we met up, we went to the Garment district, Bryant Park, Meatpacking district, Chelsea neighborhood, grand central, and Times Square. I love meeting up with her because we literally spend the whole day shooting for photos. When I mean whole day, I’m saying 8 hours straight guys!! By the end of the day, we are super exhausted but so worth it at the end.  

I love heading into NYC even if it’s going there once a week or so. I love the city vibes, the opportunities, networking events, and the crazy busy lifestyle. I try to stay away from Times Square when I can because it’s always chaotic and super packed, but when I’m there, I love watching all the billboards with its flashing lights. I’m so excited, I have so many fun events coming up in the city. I just attended a Wellness Retreat in the city and am working on writing a blog post about what I’ve learned. It was a  whole day filled with workshops, speakers, demos, food, networking, and fitness classes. This coming Friday, I’m attending a Fitness Fierce dance fitness class hosted by my girl Vanessa and the Instructor will be flying from Denver to teach the class, can’t wait! If your interested in hearing more, message me and I’ll send you the details. 

“I’m not sure what I’ll do, but – well, I want to go to places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

“In NYC, it seems like there’s no Monday or Saturday or Sunday. The town is always moving. The vibe is great.” –  Thierry Henry

Photo Credit: Vanessa Samuel/@voyavanessa

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  1. You look amazing in all of these photos! I love going into the city but I can totally relate with it costing a bit of money to spend time there. I’m in NJ and a round trip ticket is $60 for me! I definatelly would love to live closer so I could go more often and attend more fun events like that wellness one that you mentioned!


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