About Me

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Pearlsandplaces is a fashion & lifestyle blog by Neelab Hussaini that focuses on fashion, travel, beauty, and fitness. Neelab currently resides in Greenwich, CT and attended Sacred Heart University with a Bachelors in Marketing. Fashion has always been a passion for Neelab and in 2016 Pearlsandplaces was launched.

Neelab was always obsessed with clothes, fashion and pretty things ever since she can remember. During the day, she’s an E-commerce Account Manager that works for a data analytics service company. At night, she’s a fashion blogger; her goal is to inspire women to feel confident in their own skin by sharing her fashion and lifestyle experiences on the blog and instagram feed. She loves to find amazing deals on clothing; which is why you will find her most of the time at Marshalls or Tjmaxx. Her mission is to show women that they can look like a million bucks with affordable fashion looks without feeling guilty of it. Some of her other interests includes: shopping, working out, going out with friends, traveling, etc.

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