Bathing Beauty: Tips To Upgrade Your Beach Look


I was able to wear my swimsuit one last time this past weekend as it was 90 degree weather in CT…crazy right? I was so beach ready and getting some sun just one last time. I did a fun shoot in Fairfield, CT and went to 3 beaches which had such breathtaking views. If you live in CT or visiting, I’d check out Jennings Beach, Fairfield Beach and Sasco Beach, and St Mary’s By The Sea in Bridgeport, CT which has such beautiful ocean views.

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Tula Skincare Review


What skincare products have you been using to keep you skin looking fresh? Now that winter is almost coming to an end, it’s so important to continue hydrating your skin and be gorgeously glowing all year round. The brand I’ve been so excited to try is called Tula. I’ve always been stuck on which type of skincare products I should be using on my skin but Tula came to the rescue. Tula products have probiotics in it’s formula to nourish the skin and defend against damage.

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