Hoppy Halloween


I hope everyone had a fun, spectacular, spooky halloweekend!

This year for Halloween I went to a bar with some friends dressed as a playboy bunny. I received so many compliments on my costume. I wanted to share with you on where  I purchased my outfit and accessories.

Out of all places for bunny accessories ,  CVS had the best ones! I know I’m kind of surprised myself but it was so worth the price for $12.99! As for my outfit, I bought my sexy crop top at Charlotte Russe for under $30 and my leggings are from Aeropostale for $10 on sale. The booties I am wearing are from Donald J Pliner and have a perfect medium heel height.

Today, I took my baby cousin to a halloween party where there was a magic show, decorating pumpkins, and trick or treating. She was dressed as a bumble bee, so adorable. It was such a beautiful day today was almost 80 degrees out! I’m glad she had such a fun time laughing and playing with other kids.

Now, I’m ready to pass out and relax.

Goodnight 🙂


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