Skinny Coffee Girl Review


One of my resolutions for the new year is to cut back on junk food and eat healthier. To live a healthy lifestyle, one should choose healthy foods, fit more exercise and physical activity into your daily routine, and practice good hygieneI


Almost two months ago, I was contacted by Skinny Coffee Club and was asked to become a brand ambassador for Skinny Coffee! I’m not really a big coffee drinker but I thought I might give it a try and see if I actually lose weight drinking this product. What is Skinny Coffee?

“Skinny Coffee is an organic, slimming coffee that helps you to lose weight, boosts antioxidants, zaps wrinkles and increases metabolism.”

These are the ingredients:
Organic Green Coffee beans, Chlorogenic Green Coffee bean extract (50% powder), Siberian Ginseng, Garcinia Cambogia, 100% pure Matcha powder, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Organic Brazilian Coffee.

If you would like to try the coffee yourself, you can use my code: NEELAB20 to receive 20% off your order!

When I was drinking the coffee, I worked out on a daily basis and ate healthy as well to make sure I was seeing some good results. After my first week, I felt less bloated, and more energized. When I first weighed my-self I was 126, after one week, I checked again and lost 3 pounds to 123! 🙂 See below of my eating habits for the past two weeks:



As you can see in the below photos, my stomach is way more slimmer and am bloat-free. Drinking this coffee, working out, and eating healthy helped me lost the few pounds! I feel great and I continue to stay in the right path which will be great physically and mentally for me.




I would definitely recommend this product to others since I became less bloated, felt more energized during the day and even lost a few pounds. I added no sugar in my coffee but just a little almond milk to give some flavor but sure tasted great.

Again, if you would like to test this out for yourselves, you can use my code NEELAB20 to receive 20% Off!

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