NYFW First Time Experience

Happy Weekend All! Now that NYFW is over, I want to share with you my experiences in the big city attending the shows. If you haven’t attended yet, read below for some insight to get an idea of what to expect.

First of all, I want to say I am SO glad that I decided to become a member of Style Collective. Becoming a member at SC, helped me so much to get in to shows, and connect with other amazing bloggers within the community.

Since I am only about 40 min away from NYC, I decided to take the train that Friday. I was a little nervous going by myself since I thought I wouldn’t meet up with anyone or somehow get lost getting there. The night before the fashion show, I decided to post in the forum on SC and let people know if anyone wanted to meet up at the shows.

While I was sitting on the train, I received two messages from bloggers who wanted to meet up at the Galtiscopio and Vaishali show. The lines were pretty long and the shows lasted for about 30 min max. I was so excited to meet up with these bloggers and I even met more bloggers while at the show. One of the bloggers that I met that day Vanessa, was such a gem! Since there was still a gap in between the two shows and the SC Party, we decided to grab lunch nearby then go to her hotel room and touch up our makeup and change our outfits. She let me borrow her gorgeous feather skirt from amazon which made my outfit pop even more. Walking into the streets trying to get a cab’s attention, we received SO many compliments!

The SC party was a blast! Annie, who’s the creator of SC did an amazing job putting this party together for us. Vanessa and I met more bloggers at the party and we spent the night networking, laughing, drinking, and receiving free goodies! Some of the goodies were a box of delicious chocolate, a luggage tag with my name on it, a soap bar that says “slay the day”, and rose’ wine glasses. Their was also a selfie wall to take photos, two complimentary rose’ drinks, lots of food, a temporary tattoo station and so much more. Since, I didn’t have a professional camera with me, Vanessa took my photos for me and they came out so amazing! We ended the night at 230 fifth rooftop (an amazing rooftop spot). From coming into NYFW I had no idea I would meet so many amazing boss babes, it was such an incredible experience.

Here’s what I learned during my time at NYFW:

  1. It’s Ok To Attend Alone – Fashion week is a great opportunity to attend and sometimes you have to take on the challenge in going solo – Better chance is you will find other bloggers to network with.
  2. Be Ready To Wait in Longer Lines – For example, for the Galtiscopio show, it was supposed to start at 12 but actually didn’t get inside until 12:30.
  3. Shows Last For A Short Amount Of Time – Before I attended the shows, I thought each show was about 2 hours long, but I was wrong. Shows usually last for about 20-30 min long.
  4. Better to Get there earlier than later – Since it is NYFW, there’s going to be tons of people rushing to get to their destinations that I encourage heading to the shows earlier so you can figure out whether to take a subway or Uber.
  5. Bring A Pair Of Flats Or Flip Flops – Thank god I brought a pair of flip flops with me. After walking in heels all day, you’re going to want to change into flip flips in between shows.
  6. Bring Appropriate Bag Between Shows – for someone like me who took the train into the city, I had to bring a big tote bag to put extra shoes, makeup, wallet and had enough room to fit all my free goodies in there. If you already have a hotel in NYC, a small bag/clutch should be fine.










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