Bathing Beauty: Tips To Upgrade Your Beach Look

I was able to wear my swimsuit one last time this past weekend as it was 90 degree weather in CT…crazy right? I was so beach ready and getting some sun just one last time. I did a fun shoot in Fairfield, CT and went to 3 beaches which had such breathtaking views. If you live in CT or visiting, I’d check out Jennings Beach, Fairfield Beach and Sasco Beach, and St Mary’s By The Sea in Bridgeport, CT which has such beautiful ocean views.

The bathing suit I am wearing in my photos is from @target. Lately, I’ve been purchasing my swimsuits from Target because they had such a ton of suits to choose from and the prices are pretty decent. I love mix and matching my suits so I thought the red top would compliment well with the high-waisted floral bottoms. My top and bottom are both a size medium. There’s something that I love about high-waisted bottoms, they hug your stomach very nicely and also makes your curves pop out. For this shoot, I was so in a rush that I totally forgot to have breakfast and it went through the afternoon so literally had nothing in my system besides water…but I loved how the shots came out and my stomach looked pretty slim which I’m not complaining :p

What are some accessories you wear at the beach?

Accessories To Look Cute On The Beach:

  1. Cute earrings
  2. Carrying a paddleboard or a fun float
  3. An ankle bracelet
  4. Swimsuit body chain necklace
  5. A cute beach coverup dress

Check Out Some Photos From My Shoot:






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