Location Scouting: What I look for when shooting the perfect photo


During my time in Cali, one store that I could not get tired of shopping was at Ross (dress for less) department store. Every time we’d drive around, there was always a Ross store in every corner. I saw this floral choker top on the rack and had to purchase it as it was such a cute top for Spring/Summer. Today, on the blog I wanted to discuss about what I look for in a place to get that perfect photo.

Personally, the weather and season has a factor on what I look for when taking my photos. In the spring/summer time, I’m all about  florals, beaches, boats, parks, hiking trails, waterfalls, pretty bright background walls, gardens, galas, etc since I know it’ll make my feed look super pretty. I love exploring the outdoors and anywhere I find a cute wall or a place with a pretty view, I try to take photos in that spot. I also love when a wall has a quote or saying on it especially when it may relate to me. I love everything sparkly and shiny and when I’m surrounded in a fast paced environment. For instance, I love taking photos in NYC as there’s tons of amazing scenic spots to take photos at and taxi’s in every corner.

The same goes for fall/winter. In the Fall, I look for bridges that have a beautiful view, pathways, parks to take photos in colorful leaves, buildings, good looking cars, at a farm/patch when apple/pumpkin picking, etc. In the Winter, I love dressing up in my favorite pair of boots and taking photos when it’s snowing outside, at gorgeous hotels when all the holiday lights are up, anywhere near a ice skating rink, a holiday market, a park when it’s snowing outside, just any place that looks super pretty that requires to take a photo!

In this photoshoot, I took a ton of photos at various beaches which were all very close by and had so much fun especially since each shot is different. My photographer and I did the shoot in Fairfield, CT. The first location was at the Marina and it was a blast taking photos in all the different boats since each one had their own caption on it.

What do YOU look for when looking in places to shoot perfect pics? Leave a comment below. XOXO

















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