Boo-tiful Romper

I love everything about Fall. The color changing leaves, the crisp air, the  smell of apple cider and fresh pumpkin pies. Attending fall harvest festivals and going to a haunted house/graveyard is one of the best activities I love going too since halloween is just around the corner. Besides Spring ultimately being my favorite season, there is just something about fall I so love!

This floral mesh mock neck maxi romper is from @charlotterusse and surprisingly, this dress is from the halloween shop collection. I am wearing a size small and the long sleeve rose dress is so unique as it has shorts underneath and the long drape for the dress can be worn out for halloween. In my photos, I am wearing this dress with bronze metallic shoes from @donaldjpliner.

Confused as to what halloween costume this may be? Here’s some examples on how you can dress up this costume:

  • Queen
  • Vampire
  • Witch
  • Dark Angel Lover

IMG_0036_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:55:07 2.JPG

IMG_0034_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:34:28 2.JPG

IMG_0026_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:36:10 2.JPG


IMG_0043_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:48:00 2.JPG

IMG_0039_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:51:58 2.JPG

IMG_0030_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:39:16 2.JPG

IMG_0031_Facetune_02.10.2017-09:38:28 2.JPG

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What are everyones plan for halloween?

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