Favorite Winter Skincare Products – Saranghae Review

Happy New Year All! “Our Love Story Starts Now”

This post I’ll be talking about these Korean skincare products that I’ve been using on my face to reduce dryness during the long winter period. I don’t usually have a skincare routine that I follow so I’ve been so excited to share with you my experience with using Saranghae.


Saranghae Heals, Regenerates and Protects your skin for youthful and lasting beauty. Saranghae is an award winning, revolutionary Korean 5 step anti-aging skin care routine designed to directly address the root causes that lead to unhealthy, damaged and aging skin. Saranghae achieves this by addressing 3 distinct phases.”

 How Does the 5 step routine work?
I use the 4 skin care products daily in the morning after I wash my face and at night before I go to bed. I use the mask once or twice a week after I get out of the shower, my skin feels AMAZING afterwards.

How many times during the day can you apply the product into your skin?

  • Saranghae Nourishing + Moisturizing Cleanser [Use in the AM and PM]
  • Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum [Use in the AM and PM]
  • Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream [Use in the AM and PM]
  • Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream [Use in the AM and PM]
  • Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask (6 Masks) [Use once or twice a week]

Watch clip below to see how I use Saranghae #5step routine:

I’ve tried the 5 step routine for a little over 2 weeks now and have seen improvements on my skin. My skin looks brighter, feels hydrated and rejuvenated. I can’t wait to continue using the products and seeing a change in my skin.

More About Saranghae:


Saranghae is an award winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients and highly effective products has helped them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States.” For more information please visit: www.lovesaranghae.com




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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand! Sounds amazing 🙂 I will have to try it out! Great review
    Thank you for sharing! I would love for you to check out my blog and latest post 🙂 xx

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