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Happy Monday Lovies!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as the weather was super nice out! This weekend was a busy one for me as I traveled to RI to attend my boyfriend’s sister’s bridal shower on Sunday. Bridal showers are so much fun and wanted you all to see how we celebrated this event. Are you hosting a bridal shower? or curious as to what you exactly do at a bridal shower? Then you’re on the right page. Scroll more to read more.

On Sunday Morning, all the girls who are closest with the bride-to-be went out to breakfast at 9am. There were about 8 girls total including my bf’s mom and her sister. After breakfast, we all headed to the venue which was at Santa Maria Di Prata Society to set up and finish up decorating.

Table Setup: The round tables had a frame in the middle which were numbered along with 3 balloons attached to it. We added gold and white flameless candles to each of the tables as well. The theme of the shower was burgundy and gold.


Sweets Table: We put two long tables together and we put all the sweets (cookies, cake, chocoloate covered pretzels) on the table with jars filled with chocolates (m&ms, hersheys). We added goodie bags and scoops on the table for people to help themself with the treats. We added a bride-to-be banner on the table to make it stand out. In the middle of the sweets, we added a sign that ays, “Love is sweet, take a treat”. Just a fun piece to add to the table.






Photo Fun: For pictures, her friends made a cute photo prop frame to take pictures and added a gold shimmery curtain with a banner saying “Miss to Mrs.” It all came together and everyone was having a good time taking silly pictures.




Party Favors: There were chocolate covered oreos handed out in a pretty bag for everyone to take home with them.


Gift Prizes: We handed out pink travel mugs and travel makeup bags for anyone who won the games.


Food: We had Italian catering, foods such as chicken, pasta, potatoes, green beans, salads, eggplant, it all was delicious!


The games we played were:

Ring Scavenger Hunt – We hid about 20 rings throughout the room we were in. The guest who found the most within 3 minutes won a prize!

Toilet Paper Gown Game – This classic game allows teams of guests race to create a bridal gown. The catch is that you can only use toilet paper. You divide the guests in groups and one person in each team is chosen as the bride to be wrapped in toilet paper. The guests in the teams are allowed 3 toilet paper rolls to wrap their ‘bride’. When we played, we asked the audience which ‘brides’ outfit they liked the best.

Questions/Trivia Game About The Bride And Groom – The audience has to choose which question the answer applies to. We used a mustache and lip prop for everyone to raise up with their answers.

There were about 90 women at the bridal shower and it was a blast! Everyone had a good time mingling, eating tons of sweets and watching the bride open her gifts towards the end. On top of giving the bride-to-be an electric iron and a mikasa wedding picture frame, I also made a spa basket including adding the blue towels that were from her registry. I bought a bunch of lavender soaps, body mists, face masks, face and feet lotions and added it into the basket. For the finishing touch, I added a crystal cross stand. Every girl needs a fun spa basket, it’s creative and I had fun with it.




Have you been to a bridal shower? How was your experience? What kind of games were played? Would like to hear all about it!

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