MINT: Stay Organized With The Budget App

Do any of you have a hard time managing your finances? Are you curious as to how much your spending on a monthly basis? Are you currently writing down everything on paper? Well I’m currently using this app called Mint that’s been helping me manage my money better which may be useful for you as well. “Mint is a free money manager and financial tracker app from the makers of Turbo Tax that does it all.”

This app lets you understand where your money goes and where you can cut back. Whether your a blogger, a business professional, accountant, etc, Mint can be used for your personal use in order to help you track how much your spending. Once you enter your credit card info, then~ my favorite part~ is when the app splits the categories for you such as shopping, Health & Fitness, Auto & Transit, Fast Food, etc.

Here’s a photo of how it looks when your signed in and lets you can personalize your budget for each one. It will also tell you if you’ve spending over your budget or what not. There are suggestions based on your spending.


On top of your budget, the app also allows you to check your credit score and notifies you when you have a bill to pay. You can get alerts and schedule payments so your on top of all your bills.

Why should you download this app?
– Bills and money are in one place
– Get alerts and schedule payments on the spot
– Say goodbye to late fees
– Stop logging into multiple sites
– Deliver payments fast
– Simple categorization
– Free credit score
– Safe security

mint app
Before, I was unsure as to how much I was spending and worried that I’ll forget to pay my upcoming bill. This app notifies me every time I have to pay a bill and lets me know how my credit score is at the same time. It’s a great app to use since everything is incorporated into one app and it’s so much easier staying on top of my finances. It’s easy to un-notice how much your spending each time you swipe your credit card.  I’m always buying something and with this app, with just a click of a button, I’m able to be in control of that. *Also, this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you all what I use to manage my finances.*

If you want to learn more about how it works, check it out here:

Are there any other apps you use in general that help you stay organized? Comment below.

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