7 Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Account + What I’ve Learned

LinkedIn is changing constantly, new jobs are always being placed online for the right candidates, and employers hiring employees to grow their company. I won this Linkedin headshot shoot + workshop event through my blog and I’m so glad I attended. Even though I’ve been on Linkedin for some time, it has changed tremendously and there was so much more that I learned while attending the workshop. Risa Hoag was very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching this workshop to us. She asked the group, “What sets you apart from the person sitting next to you?” I thought about this while sitting in my seat thinking what sets me different from the person sitting next to me. When the workshop ended, I walked over and handed her my fashion business card to her which had multiple photos of me on it including my business information on them. She looked at me and goes, “Wow your business cards make you different from others, and to keep on slaying girl.” I had forgotten about my business cards but I’m glad to know these cards of mine is part of who I am.

1. Upload a photo – Always have a recent photo uploaded. No employer wants to search for a person who has no photo on their profile.
2. Upload a banner – Add a banner that represents who you are and what you do.
3. Free Sites for Banner Images – During this workshop, I learned that you can use a free site like Canva to design templates such as Facebook covers, Linkedin banners, brochures, Ads, etc.
4. Include a summary in profile – A summary of your current experience and skills will enhance and stand out in your profile.
5. Be Creative – Instead of pasting your full resume into Linkedin, be creative with it and show employers why you’re different from everyone else. You can always submit a resume, but your Linkedin shows who you are as a person and why you stand out.
6. Connect – Re-connect with some of your previous employees on Linkedin or recruiters to catch up and discuss new opportunities that may benefit one other when looking for a new job
7. Recommendations – You can request to receive or give recommendations on Linkedin. This shows visitors who visit your profile that you’re dedicated, hardworking, and have a great work ethic.


What workshops have you attended? What would you say sets you apart from somebody else?

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