I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s whether you spent it with your gals, S.O. or both! This year, my blogger friend Vanessa (@voyavanessa) and I were able to throw a Galentine’s event for all our friends and local influencers to come out and have a good time! Wondering why we chose Taco Dumbo as our venue? Keep on reading to find out..

Vanessa and I were both strutting the streets of NYC and decided to have a photo shoot in the center of Times Square. As we were walking by, we passed by Taco Dumbo and Rena the Brand Ambassador, was outside giving out sampler tacos for people to try. She mentioned that some of the tacos were plant-based which we were so excited to hear! We told her we were both influencers and that we would reach out to her for collaborations on future events.  

After a couple of weeks, we decided to reach out via email and phone and told Rena as much detail about our Galentine’s Taco Tuesday event: how many people attending, sample platters, drink tickets for our group, board games, etc! Vanessa and I  went to Taco Dumbo a few days before our event to taste some of the tacos and choose which ones to give to our guests! We tried out (3) tacos that we’d give our guests to snack on the day of our event. We went with the Impossible tacos(plant-based), spiced cauliflower, and the truffled shroom, all so delish! 

Of course on the day of our event the weather did not look so good, it was snowing, raining, and the streets were so slushy, but we were so happy with the turn out. So many of our friends, local influencers, and people stopped by to check out our event. Rena and her team did an amazing job with setting up four tables for us with pretty decorations, board games, and customized mini menus for our guests to take a look at. We had a great turnout, everyone was provided with taco vouchers and drink tickets and on top of that, we all took turns to have some fun with shot-skis! We loved that all our guests enjoyed the Galentine’s Taco Tuesday event for networking and spending time with our Gals! #GalentinesTacoTuesday

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