I received an express facial recently at Nefaire in Westport, CT and loved their holistic approach to skin care. Their approach is that not only are certain products good for your skin but it’s also caused by the type of foods your eating, your overall lifestyle and genetics too. To be honest, when I go to a spa, I usually go for the massage rather than the facial because genetically my skin is in good condition but every once in a while it’s nice to get it checked and have that rejuvenation.

When I arrived there, I met with the esthetician and she had asked me the type of products I use on my skin and what kinds of foods I’m adding to my body. I then took a Feed Your Skin Personalized Quiz which asked questions such as stress levels, environmental factors, diet, and type of skin. I loved that Nefaire does this because the other facial spots I’ve been do not offer this sort of personality quiz. After the quiz, she had asked me what my stress levels were and about my lifestyle, I had told her I was pretty busy with finding a full-time job that I really enjoyed, and keeping up to date with my blog. She had told me to do things slowly and to do the best I can. My skin is on the normal side and hydrated so all I needed was to maintain it so she used products that would refreshen up my face and give it a nice glow. 

“We believe facials should be a fundamental part of everyone’s healthy skin routine and not just an indulgent luxury. Our licensed skin coaches use food-grade ingredients for your personalized facial while taking into account your lifestyle, diet, and genetics to give you honest, unbiased skin advice.” – NEFAIRE

For my custom regimen, a few ingredients she used to mix up were:


Matcha reduces inflammation, clears pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, and rejuvenates complexions for a toned fresh face


Rose water helps to maintain skin’s pH balance, hydrates, tones, clears pores and controls oil production. 


Manuka is a natural anti-bacterial agent with anti-inflammatory properties to both cleanse and calm skin.

Once the facial was over, the esthetician told me that my skin is glowing and to continue hydrating my skin. She had asked me how many glasses of water I drink in a day. I said it depends but usually only two (whoops!) She said I should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day and continue using moisturizer especially that has SPF. It was a great experience I’m glad I was able to try out the express facial, it’s so important that not only your using good products for your skin but also being mindful of the foods we put in our bodies, and self-care. 

If your a local, you should definitely try them out! Click here to book a Facial/Massage with Nefaire 

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