Christmas Getaway – Bahamas


Hi Everyone,

I just got back from my trip from Atlantis, Bahamas and I had the most amazing and relaxing time on Paradise Island. I am very fortunate to go on this free vacation thanks to my Uncle who booked the flight to go on this mini vacation (which I so needed it). We stayed at the Royal towers which was close to the resort’s water attractions, beaches, and the famous Atlantis Casino.

For those who haven’t visited Atlantis and hope to go in the near future, here are some tips/highlights from what I’ve experienced from my trip:


Aura NightClub – 18+ and are open Thursdays, Friday’s and Saturdays. I went both Friday and Saturday. It was packed on Christmas Eve and DJ Flow was playing top hits those two nights.

Atlantis Theatre – Need a break from being outdoors? There is a list of movies that will be playing that week  to watch at the theatre. Great for all ages!

The All American Variety Show – On Christmas Day, we went to this show that was playing at the theatre where they had magic, illusions, talking birds, etc. It was just like those shows in Vegas. The tickets for this was $49.50 per person. The last time I saw a show similar to this was probably when I was like 10. It was such an interesting and fascinating act.

Dragon’s Ultra Lounge – A bar near the casino area that has a nice lounge area. Drinks can be very expensive here (pretty much anywhere in resort).

Dolphin Cay:

Shallow Water Interaction – My cousin and I did a shallow water interaction with a dolphin which we  saw their tricks, being playful to the dolphin and kissing them as well. The price for this I believe was $171. To be honest, I don’t think it was worth the money. Firs,t they talk about safety for about 15 minutes and then your in the water for about 30 min with the dolphin. It definitely was a cool one-time experience though. I can scratch that from my bucket list now.

Places To Eat:

Virgil Barbecue – If you like southern food, this is the place to go. I didn’t find the food to appetizing. I ordered popcorn shrimp and in my bowl were popcorn mixed with popcorn shrimp.

Murray’s Deli – This was by far one of the places I enjoyed eating. They literally had so many options to choose from and an amazing view of the Atlantis Marina. The prices were reasonable. At this place, I had ordered roasted herb chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables, a turkey cheddar wrap, and then eggs for breakfast. All were very delicious!

Village Burger Shack – A casual, family-friendly dining  with indoor and alfresco dining. The burgers and french fries are pretty good here.

Bimini Road – I enjoyed eating at this place a couple of times. They have outdoor seating with a bar and live entertainment. It is such a pretty view and their burger and potato wedge fries are so yummy!


Just a note: Tip is already included in your meal, etc.

During the daytime, its nice to go downtown on a boat where all the locals are. That is where they have all their shopping, restaurants that locals eat, and beaches. I enjoyed getting a coconut there and did some shopping as well.

There’s a bunch of water slides to go on such as the lazy river that anyone can go on! There is also the mayan temple and the power tower which is a little more on the scarier side! Every day at my stay at the Atlantis Resort, I would be outdoors all day on the water slides and laying out by the pool tanning, then would have lunch at the places I mentioned above then at night we would walk around outside by the dock where all the restaurants were and listening to music and enjoying the warm breezy weather.

Overall, I had a great one week vacation at the Bahamas. All the places I have mentioned above are all the places I have been too, but there is ALOT more activities to do. This resort is also a very safe resort since all the tourists stay at this island.

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