Storing Makeup 101

Happy Humpday Ladies! This past weekend, I really loved cleaning out and organizing my makeup/jewelry drawers since everything was just so cluttered and I wanted to find my essentials easier.

I’ve seen so many bloggers post photos of their work space and beauty setup, that I just got so inspired to clean up my beauty space as well! One of my favorite go-to store to find anything is Marshalls. I buy everything there from activewear, phone accessories, clothing, shoes, beauty essentials, home decor, you name it! When I was at the home decor section at Marshall’s, I found a bunch of cosmetic organizers and ended up buying one that would fit all of my goodies in. The one I purchased was only $16.99!

Before, I had all of my makeup scattered in a drawer so it was harder to search for my things. Now, my makeup looks so organized, it looks super pretty and fancy! On top of the organizer, I put my lipsticks, makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara, mini lotions and foundation on there. In the first drawer, I put my BB foundation and primer, the second drawer, I was able to fit all of my mini eyeshadow kits, and in the last drawer, I put my naked palette in. It feels amazing to see everything visually and looks super clean. Thanks to this cosmetic organizer for keeping everything in its place.

Personally, I feel like how you organize your stuff has so much to say about one’s personality and how you work as as individual. For me, I can concentrate and focus better when my room is clean and everything is put away and organized. See below of how I merchandised my goodies!


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