My 21 Day Fix Journey

My whole life, I  had always been in great shape even when I was eating junk food and not hitting the gym as much as I should. From high school through college, I weighed about 100lbs and never gained a pound which I loved, since I had such a fast metabolism.

After college was when I realized my weight was catching up to me. My stomach wasn’t as flat as it used to be and weighed about 115-120. I was confused because I used to always weight 100lbs but not anymore. I wasn’t sure if it’s because of muscle or fat or maybe a little of both.

One of my good friends who is my close neighbor, suggested we do the 21 day fix together. For those of you who don’t know about this program, the 21 day fix is a eating plan that puts you on a strict diet. The system uses a color coded system of containers to portion your food. With the 21 day fix, we are allowed to have 1 healthy fat a day, 2 carbs a day, 4 protein a day, 3 veggies a day, and 2 fruits a day. This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience with you all.

Since my friend had done the 21 day fix before, she was  my coach and discussed meal prepping, grocery shopping, and the workouts. Shakeology is a meal replacement shake and I usually have it in the morning since I’m always rushing out the door. The workouts lasted for 30 minutes each and boy it works you out hard!


Every Sunday, I would go grocery shopping in the morning and then start cooking for the week and place my food in containers.

Here is an example of what I ate for one of the weeks:

BREAKFAST: 1 scoop shakeology (protein)

1/2 banana

1/2 almond milk

tsp peanut butter

SNACK 1: non-fat yogurt (protein)

Strawberries (fruits

LUNCH: shrimp (protein)

brown rice (carb)

zuccini (veggie)

WORKOUT: For Monday it was total body fix

DINNER: Lettuce (veggies)

Chicken (protein)

oil/vin (dressing)

1/2  tomatoes (veggies)

It is so much easier to meal prep and the portion containers really help! I always use them to measure how much I can have on a daily basis. You can also look up 21 day healthy recipes on Pinterest, they have some really good ones!

Here is an example of one typical meal would look like:


I actually bought my portion containers on amazon and they were only like $10!


The workouts were really great and it helps lose the weight including following the healthy meal plan.

These were the workouts:

Monday: Total Body Cardio

Tuesday: Upper Body Fix

Wednesday: Lower Body Fix

Thursday: Pilates Fix

Friday: Cardio Fix

Saturday: Yoga Fix


Before I started the program, I weighed 125, and lost 5 pounds to 120.5! I feel so much better and in the below picture you can see my before and after picture of how I looked like. My stomach looks better than from I first started and I continue on working out daily and eating healthier. This wasn’t a diet for me, this is a complete lifestyle change that I continue to work on. I recommend this program to anyone and it’s better when you have someone to work out with and to motivate you.

If you would like to try it out yourself, click on this link for more info:|Autumn%20Calabrese&AddToCart=


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