Varieteas Review

To all my huge tea drinkers, this post is for y’all! After a long day of work and hitting it hard at the gym, I like to unwind for the rest of the night and just relax.

I’ve been such a huge tea drinker ever since I’ve stopped drinking coffee. A cup of tea before bed is so soothing and so relaxing. When I discovered Varieteas, a monthly loose-leaf tea subscription, I was excited to see the variety of options in flavors. Varieteas was so kind to send me their  delicious and unique flavors of tea. The June box I received included:

  1. Moderate Caffeine Green Tea (Carribean Cove)
  2. Decaffeinated Herbal Tea ( Sunset Dream
  3. High Caffeine Black Tea (Berried Treasure)


Love all three flavors, but my best out of all 3 would be Carribean Cove, it has delicious fruity tropical taste to it! After a long day, I just want to lay down with my cup of tea and listen to Spotify the rest of the night.

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What relaxes you after a long stressful day? I’d love to hear them.





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