25th Birthday – Fun Facts About Me

Happy Birthday To Me! I can’t believe I turned 25 years old today, I’m literally half a century old haha. I still feel and look like I’m in my early 20’s though..guess that’s a good thing :p I’m so looking forward to traveling more, keep on exploring, trying out new places/resturants and continueing to grow Pearlsandplaces.

Here are 25 Fun Facts About Me:

1. Have One Younger Sister

2. Born in Yale, New Haven, CT

3. Parents are divorced

4. Persian Background – Parents From Afghanistan

5. My favorite colors are pink and black

6. Graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2015

7. Bachelors in Marketing

8. Speak 2 languages – English & Persian (Farsi)

9. Lived in Newtown, CT my whole life then moved to Greenwich, CT in 8th grade

10. Dislike onions

11. Countries I Traveled to: Ireland, Paris, London, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Canada

12. Studied Abroad to Ireland Senior Year At SHU

13. Size 6 Shoe

14. Height: 5’1 1/2

15. Gemini

16. Birthday: May 26

17. Obsession with pretty blooms especially roses

18. Rose Tat

19. Tea over coffee

20. Left Handed

21. Met Ian Somerhalder during the Vampire Diaries Convention

22. Shopaholic

23. Work Out about 5 days a week

24. Own too many shoes

25. Thanks to blogger babe @livelycraze who inspired me to create my blog. Launching Pearlsandplaces in 2016 has been the most rewarding and exciting things ever!

There you go, now you know a little bit more about me! I want to know MORE about you, please share anything in the comments below.

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