10 Reasons How To R&R:

We all have moments where we’re stressed out, worried too often, or have too much on our plates. We all should take the time to take care of ourselves every now and then and clear our minds from any negative thoughts. Am I right? Otherwise we’d be losing our minds.

This past weekend for my mother’s birthday, I took us to this place called Haute Sauna. It recently opened in Stamford, CT and for first time guests it’s only $29 per person! Unlike a regular sauna which is very dry and uncomfortable, Haute Sauna has infrared sauna technology which is better for your skin and benefits such as these:

– Lose up to 600 calories (it’s the same as doing cardio for 30-60 minutes)
– lowers high blood pressure
– lose weight
– lowers stress
– Anti-Aging
– Improves sport and medical revoery times
– + Much More!

It’s the perfect gift for your loved one and it’s so relaxing too! I’m glad I brought my mom to this because we both enjoyed it together and sometimes you need to incorporate self-care into your daily life.



Here’s 10 ways on how to self-care and R&R:

1. Yoga/Meditation – Yoga is really good for your mind, body, and soul. With different postures and breathing methods, this will really help with letting go and having a clear mindset.
2. Haute Sauna – Going to an infrared sauna place like @Hautesauna will really be an amazing experience and lose up to 600 calories for just sitting for 30 minutes!
3. Massage Therapy – This is probably one of my favorites. I try to get a massage twice a year. With working out all the time, my muscles are constantly so sore and it helps with removing all the knots and toxins from your body.
4. Mini Vacation – Spontatneous mini road trips are always so fun to just get away from home and spend time with your loved one or with a group of girls.
5. Bath Time – If your like me, and love to use bath bombs, then bath time is one great way to relax. I love just seeing the bath bomb fizz and change color in the tub haha. Enjoy with either a glass of wine or reading a book.
6. Nourish Yourself – When you eat healthy, you will feel good about yourself right off the bat. Eat protein, fruits, and veggies throughout the day with some water with lemon to stay hydrated. If your craving a dessert, Halo top ice cream is a good one and it’s so yummy!
7. Take a personal day – Sometimes work can be overwhelming and stressful at times, so there’s time to take a personal day off to just focus on you, sleeping in and catching up with things.
8. Skincare Face Mask – I love to use different kind of face masks, everytime I put one on, and take it off within 15 min, my skin feels like brand new and so fresh and I defintely feel good about myself.
9. Try out a new workout routine – There’s so many workout classes out there and it’s nice to try them out to see which one you enjoy. Whether it’s bootcamp, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, barre, cycling, their will be something that’ll you like and good for your body to try out various classes. Class pass is good to sign up for, you can try out many classes and it’s so cheap too. Groupon is also another site wheere you can look up workout classses and get them for a really good price as well.
10. Essential Oils/Sleep – Essential oils are one of my favorites to use before going to bed. I always tap a couple drops on my wrist to help me sleep well. We are supposed to get about 8 hours or more of sleep to be fully rested and feel alive. I had purchased a pack of 10 oils from Marshalls and I always use each of of them for different things. But Lavendar is my favorite and it’s so relaxing too.

What are some of the things that you do for self-care?

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