21 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hello Beauties, Happy Monday!

I’m sharing 21 things that you might not know about me and my lavender fashion look that I wore this previous weekend for the shoot. I personally love pastel colors, and I had the perfect outfit in mind when doing this shoot. I had the accessories and knew this would be such a fun combo to pair with. Playing dress up is so fun and I realized after coming up with this look, that I look like a fairy goddess with all the pastel purple tones.

Here’s an older post – 25 fun facts about me, if you want to read it: https://pearlsandplaces.com/2017/05/26/25th-birthday-fun-facts-about-me/

Where I purchased my outfit from:
White Pants – Marshalls
Lavender Top – Marshalls
Earrings – Nordstrom
Shoes – Donald J Pliner













  1.  I am Afghan-American (Persian). My parents are originally from Afghanistan but I was born in Yale, New Haven, CT
  2. My parents are divorced. I live with my second family. (Mom, sister Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.)
  3. I was bullied as a kid and was made fun of because of my background. It took me years to overcome it
  4. My very first job was working at Hollister as a Sales Associate
  5. Graduated at Sacred Heart University with a Marketing Degree
  6. Studied abroad to Ireland my senior year of college
  7. I’m addicted to all kinds of sweets and chocolates
  8. I absolutely love to travel and go on weekend getaways
  9. I am left-handed
  10. I’m a clean freak, my room has to be tidy and spotless otherwise I can’t concentrate
  11. I have a learning disability, so it’s twice as hard than the average person to understand some things
  12. I’m scared of snakes, spiders, bugs, etc.
  13. I’m afraid of heights
  14. I was attacked by two of my bosses’ dogs one year while I was leaving work one day. I was traumatized, but overtime, I overcame it
  15. I have an obsession with roses and ended up getting a rose tattoo on my lower hip
  16. I am the sweetest person you will ever meet, I have a good heart, and am caring
  17. Some of my favorite games to play are Jenga, monopoly and apples to apples
  18. My celebrity crush is Zac Efron
  19. My go-to cocktail at a bar is vodka soda or gin and tonic with lime
  20. I love the beach, but I tan so easily that I try to avoid being in it so much
  21. My favorite stores you’ll always see me shopping at is Marshall and Tjmaxx


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