5 Spots To Shoot in Greenwich, CT

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With just the last bit of summer left, I’m sharing this pretty pastel top that I wore on my recent photo-shoot and the top 5 spots to shoot in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is such a beautiful and wealthy area and with so many upscale shops, and scenic parks, here’s just some of my favorite places to go for photo-shoots.

1. Greenwich Avenue
If you live in Greenwich, you know that the Avenue is the main spot to shop, dine & hang out. This spot is catered to those with a wealthy lifestyle and a perfect spot for any occasion. The busy street is great for a shoot in such a busy street.

2. Tod’s Point Beach
Tod’s Point is one of four beaches in Greenwich, CT. Out of all the beaches, this one is the most cleanest, beautiful, and bigger spots. When you enter Tod’s, the houses by the beach are insanely stunning and the view itself just speaks for itself. There’s also a park on the property where you can barbecue, have picnics, or play some lawn games.

3. Bruce Park
This park is huge and there are many areas at this park to take photos in. There’s a playground, tennis court, a pond area, a trail, bicycling, and even picnicking. I took these shots here at Bruce Park and there’s some gated mansions in the area, which is lovely to take a walk on a beautiful day and take some fun photos.

4. Delmar Harbour
The Delamar hotel is a luxury hotel that is located on the waterfront of Greenwich. It offers a private dock and it’s a fantastic spot for a relaxing escape or enjoy the view.

5.  Binney Park
Binney Park is located in Old Greenwich, CT and offers a playground, seasonal ice rink, tennis courts, and nature trails. It’s a nice spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park. I actually haven’t taken photos at this park yet, but I know people who have taken prom photos and done photo-shoots there.

Here are my outfit details:
Top – @Wetseal
Pants – @Marshalls
Shoes – @Tjmaxx 

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