7 Spots To See When Visiting Philadelphia

My boyfriend and I went to Philadelphia last weekend on a weekend getaway to explore the city.  Friday and Saturday were our exploring days then on Sunday we attended his friend’s wedding near the area. I have a list of 7 spots to go when visiting Philadelphia for your first time!  Oh, and of course we had to make a stop to have a Philly cheese steak on our trip there.

On Friday Night, we went to an Italian restaurant and didn’t realize when walking in that the waitresses there sing opera. All of the waiters had sung an opera tune individually which was pretty interesting. The food was alright but was a cool time experiencing it.

Saturday was the day we walked around and did all the touristy things. If you’re visiting Philadelphia for the first time, I would recommend these spots :

  1.  Liberty Bell – The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. Philadelphia Museum Of Art – The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an art museum originally chartered in 1876 for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.
  3. Rocky Steps – The 72 stone steps before the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have become known as the “Rocky Steps” as a result of the scene from the film Rocky.
  4. Ben Franklin Museum – Artifacts & exhibits detailing the life of the historic figure, including a steel “ghost house.”
  5. Spruce Harbor Park – The Spruce Street Harbor Park is an urban beach located in Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Open during the summer, the place features a boardwalk along the Delaware River with a beachfront atmosphere.
  6. Morgans Pier – Beer garden has over 40 brews, snacks, sandwiches & tacos, plus deck views across the river.
  7. Philadelphia Magic Gardens – Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a non-profit organization, folk art environment, and gallery space on South Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We visited all 7 of these spots in our Saturday schedule. We were exhausted by the end of the night but it so worth going to all of these spots. The Philadelphia Magic Gardens was definitely one of the cool artistry spots to go see. Besides visiting the historical landmarks, my favorite spots to hang out were Spruce Harbor Park and Morgans Pier. Spruce Harbor Park is a park with colorful lights hanging from the trees, there are colorful hammocks to lay in, a variety of food trucks to choose from, a drink bar, and games to play from. Morgans Pier is a beautiful outdoor bar spot with oceanfront views. My boyfriend and I enjoyed this spot as it was such a relaxing spot for drinks with a great view. Those were some of our favorite spots that we visited. Although Philadelphia wasn’t my favorite city, there were still some cool popular spots that we were able to see and had a nice time.

What are some popular spots you love in Philadelphia that you recommend?











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