NYFW Recap + Fall Styles In Trend Now

And just like that, NYFW is over! Part of me is glad that it’s over because I’ve been going crazy running around trying to make time in my schedule to attend shows, meet up with some bloggers, find photographers, and attend some events. I’ve been stressed, overwhelmed, but also thankful and excited to get this opportunity to attend all these amazing events in the city. The weather hasn’t been so nice lately, it rained pretty much the whole time I was in New York, but that didn’t stop me from having fun.

I love NYFW because you get to see all of these people dressed in the latest fashions, and it’s great to look at other bloggers/influences and see what kind of outfit they are wearing to the shows. Everyone has their own unique taste of style so for me It’s exciting to watch what others wear and the type of accessories they have going on. Plus, I always get ideas on how others dress and I’m automatically like OK, I need to buy that!

While hustling through the city, I’ve noticed that there were a bunch of styles that people were wearing that are so in trend this Fall. Just to name some of them, I’ve seen sequins, wide leg pants, pleated leather, printed jumpsuits, embellished dresses, and animal prints such as leopard prints. They are all amazing, and now I need to upgrade my fall outfits with some of these trends especially leopard prints.

This past weekend was so hectic in a good way. Besides hailing cabs in the city, and looking for ubers, which was frustrating at times, It was so worth coming into the city because each time is a great learning experience and I’m excited for these endless opportunities.

How was your experience like during NYFW?





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