Tulum NYC, The Instagrammable Summer Hot Spot + Brunch Squad Meetup

It’s been a hectic past couple of weeks, from traveling to planning events, to staying up to date with the blog. During Labor Day Weekend, I attended a Brunch event with 20 girls in NYC who love to eat, drink fruity cocktails, and of course take photos every second at the event. Liz, who created the instagram community page, nycbrunchsquad mission is to bring local girls together to brunch and network with on another. The event was at Gitano Tulum in Mexico!

Just kidding haha, I wish though! They actually opened a pop up version of it in Soho, NY. So although I didn’t spend my weekend in Mexico, which would have been amazing, I spent it in New York. However, it felt like I was in Mexico! The décor and atmosphere literally looks like the real one.

The event was set up so nicely and it was well organized. The table had place tags with all of our names so we all knew where we were sitting. There were three tables set up for all the girls and in my group, I was sitting with about 6 girls. We all introduced ourselves and exchanged instagram handles to follow each other. The event was only $40! Which included food, drinks, and even the tip! It was a great way to meet all the girls at the event by networking and finding out how they heard about this event. Some girls heard about this brunch squad event through their blogger friends, Instagram, and through the Bumble Bizz app which is where most people are networking these days.

The décor was beautiful at Gitano Tulum. From the palm trees, to the stone walkway, to the elegant yet chic furniture. It was truly a tropical paradise. Mexico was definitely picked up and plopped in the middle of New York. Which I now understand why, turns out they drove all the pieces from Mexico to create this beautiful pop here in New York! This hot spot features a bar, restaurant, a community garden, and a mediation circle with a reflecting pool area. There are palm trees everywhere which makes it the perfect photo spot, with the view of the city right outside its gates. My blogger babes and I had a fun time taking photos of the food, drinks, and of course the group pictures to remember this fun, and amazing event. After brunch, some of the girls and I headed over to Pier 26 to enjoy the NYC waterfront views and sip on some wine.

If you’re looking for a getaway spot that’s close, but has tropical vaca vibes, I would definitely check out this spot. Gitano Tulum is only open until October, so take a look for yourself and get lost in the jungle. :p

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