Happy 2019 Friends!

I’ve been thinking about my 2019 goals for the year and I’ve been wanting to post this earlier but I’ve been super busy and haven’t had the chance to actually sit down and reflect on them. With it being the new year, I’m continuing to be more proactive and setting plans to stay on top of everything. 

3 Personal Goals For 2019:

Goal #1: Eat Healthier & Stay Consistent At The Gym:

During the holidays, I was away in RI spending time with Americo and his family so it was always non-stop eating and snacking every second throughout the day. As a tradition, his mom would make these holiday cookies every year from sugar cookies, almond biscotti’s, Christmas wreaths, you name it, all so yummy!! Now that the holidays are over, my goal is to eat very good especially during the week, and at times splurge a bit during the weekends. I started meal prepping on Sunday, so I’m pretty happy about that. You can cheat a bit but it’s all about moderation. I think it’s ok to have one cookie as long as you’re not eating like 5. I’ve been consistent so far with heading to the gym, I like going in the mornings since my energy levels are higher and then I have the rest of the entire day to catch up on emails, blogging, and editing photos. 

Goal #2: Find A Job That Your Happy With

This is a big one for me you guys. I’ve always struggled with being happy and feeling fit in the workplace, there was always something negative about the places I’ve worked. In the past, I’ve had  bosses I didn’t get along with or not enjoying the nature of the work, or the work environment not being that great. I’ve always left one job to find something else just because of how the last job wasn’t to my liking. Now that I have some free time on my hands, I’ve really been taking the time to work on my blog while seeking for a Full Time Job that I actually would enjoy doing. I know it’s not easy but I’m sure I’ll find something that I love doing. I would love to just work on my blog but I wish it was that easy. Unfortunately, it won’t pay my bills but one day, in the future, that would be a dream!

Goal #3: Be Adventurous & Travel More Often

2018 was a great year, I must say it was definitely the year of road trips, weekend getaways, and exploring different cities. A few of them were weddings, birthday trips, and spontaneous trips that were SO much fun and loved every bit of it. I want 2019 to be just as adventurous. I’ve been going into the city often to meet some of my blogger babes to take some fun content for our Instagram. I’m being more consistent with taking photos for the gram and trying to keep things all organized.

3 Business Goals For 2019:

Goal #1 Keeping Instagram Feed Looking Consistent

I’ve been using the app “Preview” to stay on top of which photos I’ll be posting on the gram + it keeps everything organized and it allows the photos to create a story. This app is definitely worth to have, it keeps all the photos I want in an organized manner. 

Goal #2: Engage With My Followers & Create Content For Them

As a fashion & lifestyle blogger, I’m always trying to post content that my followers want to see and will make them come back for more. I want to understand them a bit better as what kind of retailers do they shop from and what their price points are when they go shopping. To you all who’s reading this now, please comment on here or message me and tell me why you love to follow me so I can understand you all a bit better and I’ll repost on my Instagram story!! At the end of the day, I am here to serve you all and want to make sure your happy with the content I’m creating.  

Goal #3: Better Ways To Making Commission 

I’ve been on Liketoknow.it for less than a year, but I’m constantly posting my outfits on the app! My goal is to find ways to see how I can make commission by figuring out what’s working and how I can improve. I had a lovely call earlier with one of the Account Consultants and she gave me her feedback and tips about trying some different ways to make commission. For the next few weeks, I’m going to try changing the call to action and see how that does.

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Overall, these are 6 priority goals that I’m focusing on for both personal and business. I’m trying to find more time by doing the things I love that make me happy. I’m putting myself out there for new opportunities that lie ahead of me and looking forward to meeting new bloggers and attending networking events, traveling, working out, watching movies, listening to music, preparing healthy meals, spending time with my love and so much more!

What are your goals and resolutions for 2019? I’m wishing you all a happy new year with lots of successes, opportunities, great health, love, friendships, peace, and prosperity! Thank you all for following me and supporting me, it truly means a lot! 

Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili
Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili
Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili
Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili
Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili
Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili
Photo Credit: Christina Philippides/@Christinaphili


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