Gym Bag Essentials

Before I hit the gym, I like to make sure that all my stuff is ready-to-go in my gym bag. I recently just bought this Under Armour tote bag from Marshalls and love that it fits all of my essentials in it!

See below to discover what my gym bag essentials are!


1. Sneakers/Socks

As in right now, I have two Nike sneakers and I’ll change it up depending on which workout outfit I’m wearing.

2. Change of Clothes (Just In Case)

After work, I’ll change into my gym outfit and then put my work outfit back into my gym tote. I’m usually in and out of the gym so I don’t shower at the gym or put back on a new outfit.

3. Deodorant Spray

After a long day, it would be a good idea to carry deodrant with you so your smelling fresh

4. Hair Ties – I’m always losing so many of my hair ties that its good to keep some in my gym tote just in case.

5. Cool Cloth

I have a cool moist towel to use when I’m sweating at the gym, I just throw it on my neck to keep myself feeling cool.

6. Chapstick

My lips always get chapped before and after the gym that I have to carry  lip balm all times to keep my lips hydrated.

7. Swell Bottle

A must for working out. I love my khaki cheetah swell bottle. My water keeps cool for 24 hours. I literally bring this with me to work and the gym

8. Iphone Armband

I like to keep my iPhone armband on when lifting weights or doing a fast-paced workout so my iPhone stays in place and am able to listen to music.

9. Juicy Zip-Up 

During the cold seasons, I bring my light Juicy zip-up when going into the gym instead of bringing in my heavy down coat.

10. Hand Sanitizer

Always should carry one after working out.  With all the germs, It’s better to be safe than sorry!

So there you have it! The 10 things I always usually carry in my gym bag.  Of course, I’ll  bring some pads/tampons just to be on the safe side and some granola bars to snack on if I get really hungry.

These are the essentials I carry in my gym bag. Now tell me, what’s in YOUR gym bag?





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