Weekly Workout Routine

Hey guys, recently I’ve been working out at my friend’s house (aka also my neighbor)  who has a gym in her own home and it’s so convenient to workout from her house after I am done with work. We always motivate each other and come up with different workout routines so that way we can challenge ourselves yet make it fun at the same time.

Here is my workout routine for the week:

Monday: 30 Minute Class

  • Take a bootcamp class or body fix workout

Tuesday: 3 Rounds

  • 15 Wall Balls
  • 10 Burpees Over The Bar
  • 5 Over The Head Bar

Wednesday: 4 Rounds

  • 12 Dund Bell Over read Reverse Lunge
  • 15 Toes To Bar
  • 18 Box Jumps
  • 200 M Run

Thursday: Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM)

24 Min (45-50 Min Sec)

Minute 1: 

  • 7 Deadlifts
  • 7 Burpees

Minute 2: 

  • 8 Calorie Bike Or Row

Minute 3:

  • 20 Kettle Ball Swings

Minute 4: 

  • 10 Calorie Row or Bike

Friday: 10 Minutes

  • Quick Ab Workout Fix


What are some of your favorite workout routines? Do you work out at home or at the gym? I’m curious to know!


Hope your all having an amazing week so far! XOXO

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Routine

  1. Thank you for these workout suggestions, very helpful. Some of them I’m not familiar with. Would be great to see some video demonstration.

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