Sweat It Solo!

How do you guys keep yourself motivated when working out? Some people enjoy working out alone while others like to have a workout buddy to motivate one another or join group fitness classes. Although I think both are great since it depends on what types of goals you are reaching, but at a gym, I just love working out on my own. Going to the gym helps me get back on track especially with my crazy busy work schedule. Now, I’ve been trying to work out about 5-6 days a week and eating healthy. When at the gym, I’ll usually start off with the elliptical and put my headphones in and just focus on me. I like to use the time at the gym to have me time whether its to get my anger out or getting pumped listening to my music.

Benefits Of Working Out Alone:

  1. Self-Motivation

The only person you are competing with is the person that you are looking at in the mirror. Don’t worry about how perfect other people look because this is time to make yourself proud and pushing yourself toward your goals.

  1. Me Time

Focusing on yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. This is the time to think, plan, solve, and just breathe from the crazy week you just had.

  1. Set Your Own Goals

Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 10, set yourself some goals. Write in a journal of your eating habits and your workout schedule. Sometimes for me, writing in my journal helps me keep track of everything and know how much I want to lose.

  1. Workout However Long You want

One of the best things about how long you workout for is that you don’t need to rely on what time your friend will finish working out. You set yourself your OWN workout schedule whether its a fitness class your taking or doing your own personal workout. Only you know how much your body can handle and when to stop.

  1. Schedule Flexibility

After working late on weekdays, I go straight to the gym from work and just go whenever I have time available on my hands. Sometimes when you workout with a buddy, you may have different schedules which may make it hard to coordinate a time to work out together. I usually work out after work or sometimes on weekends in the mornings.

How do you work best? With a buddy or sweating it solo?





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