Tula Skincare Review

What skincare products have you been using to keep you skin looking fresh? Now that winter is almost coming to an end, it’s so important to continue hydrating your skin and be gorgeously glowing all year round. The brand I’ve been so excited to try is called Tula. I’ve always been stuck on which type of skincare products I should be using on my skin but Tula came to the rescue. Tula products have probiotics in it’s formula to nourish the skin and defend against damage.

“Each TULA product nourishes your skin with a balanced meal of good-for-you ingredients, the same way a healthy diet nourishes your body.”

For my two products, I chose the Hydrating day & night cream and the revitalizing eye cream. The products came in pretty blue packaging and they have a light floral scent to it. You guys, Tula products are Amazing!! If you haven’t tried their products, give it a try, because they do not disappoint at all. If you use my code: NEELABVIP, you will receive 20% off your order plus free shipping. Here are my thoughts on the two products:

Hydrating Day & Night Cream: This is probably one of the best moisturizer’s I have used on my skin. The texture of it is so soft and creamy and nourishes my skin so well and keeps it moisturized all day. I use a quarter size of the cream to put all over my face. The smell is so fresh with the floral scent and I use it daily every day and night.


Revitalizing Eye Cream: I’ve never used eye creams until now. In my opinion, your 20’s should be the start in investing in a good eye cream. Sometimes, after a crazy long day at work, I’m so exhausted by the end of the day, that I have dark circles underneath my eyes. I use a dime size and pat underneath my eyes and on my eyelids. In the morning, after I put on the eye cream, I put my concealer underneath my eyes and it give it a nice finishing look.


“Exercise, sleep, and diet all play crucial roles in giving ourselves the balanced life we deserve. With TULA we have taken the same good-for-you ingredients that keep our insides healthy and applied them to a product line that nourishes our skin.” – Dr. Raj

If you guys have the chance, check them out because these are my best skincare products and they actually work. If you want to try it yourself, use my code NEELABVIP for 20% off your order plus free shipping!


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