Bootaybag Review

I always love getting new lingerie but sometimes It can be a hassle shopping in store for them when your uncertain which size to get or if it’s good quality. I’m not always the same size in every store, so it always differ between a small/medium.

When I received my two panties in the mail from Bootaybag, I was impressed because they were the most cutest, sexiest pairs ever and the medium fit me perfectly! If you want to receive lingerie from Bootaybag, you can sign up for $12.00/month, pick your favorite styles, and then they send you a bag with your items! Also, anytime you post their items with #Undermatters, Bootaybag will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. It is such a great mission and the best part is not shopping for lingerie and just receiving them in the mail!FullSizeRender.jpg

















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