KISSBOBO Invisible Bra Review

The struggle of finding a good bra when wearing a backless top or dress can be so difficult but thanks to KissBobo, you can now find the perfect strapless bras to wear with any of your backless outfits. When Kissbobo reached out to me, I was so excited to try out their silicone  bras and loved when I received the black strapless bra self adhesive push up with drawstring:

Kissbobo’s Goal: We make Soft,  self-adhesive, strapless, backless, and reusable bra with washable that women love to wear. Allows you to create your ultimate cleavage in addition to providing coverage and support to your breasts without the binding straps found on traditional bras. Simply put, KISSBOBO will make you happy. Fit, lift, plunge, and push up – we work our socks off to give you everything your gorgeous figure needs.

The bra is super easy to put on, you remove the plastic sheet and put it on, tighten the drawstrings and hold a few seconds for the bra to stay on. To take off, you gently take off the bra and clean with water and mild soap and let it air dry.

How To Put On:


Below are incorrect and correct photos on how to wear the the strapless bra:

Correct Way:



Incorrect Way:



For anyone who needs a good strapless bra, check out Kissbobo they are so inexpensive to buy!



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