Easter Crack Recipe

I love holidays because it’s a fun excuse to shove your face into tasteful treats. This past Christmas, when I went over to see my boyfriend, his mom made this addicting snack mix called reindeer crack. She made the same snack mix for Easter but included colorful peanut m&ms! If you haven’t tried it yet, then your missing out! It’s the perfect sweet & salty treat , it’ll make everyone beg for more and plus its super simple to make! Now that’s some good crack! :p

Here’s What You Need:
Rice Chex Plain
White chocolate chips
Easter peanut m&ms
Pretzel squares
Boom Chicka Pop (sea-salt popcorn)

How To Make:

  1. In a large bowl toss the Chex, popcorn, pretzel squares, bugles, & peanut m&ms
  2. Put white chocolate chips in a small bowl and heat in microwave for 30 seconds each time until it has a smooth consistency.
  3. Once the white chocolate has melted, pour all over the cereal mix with a wooden spoon, making sure it’s all covered in the white chocolate
  4. In a rectangular aluminum tray, place parchment paper, and then move cereal mix from bowl to tray to let it dry for about an hour or so.
  5. When chocolate is cooled, and hardened, you can enjoy these crack treats!


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