Girls Getaway Trip: Austin, Texas

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Last week, I traveled to Austin,Texas for my first time ever nor have I traveled down south before. One of my girlfriends and I planned this trip Mid-Summer for a girls weekend getaway to have the best time since we’ve heard that Austin is such a young, fun, hip spot to go to. If you’re a first timer visiting Austin, keep on reading to see where we spent most of our time at.

We stayed in Austin for 4 days. Arrived Thursday afternoon and left Sunday mid-Afternoon. The weather in Austin was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. It rained a couple of times for like 5 minutes but overall we got lucky with the weather. We stayed at an Air bnb that was about two blocks away from all the nightlife and foodie spots. We picked a great Air bnb as it was a good size for the both of us, it felt like we were staying at a mini condo that was so LA vibes.

Where we went as soon as we landed (Thursday):

For Lunch we went to Cafe No Se’ on South Congress. It was a cute spot that had outdoor seating, I’d definitely recommend it.  We ordered a healthy bowl and had a rose’ Popsicle drink, so yummy! Afterwards, we walked around South Congress where all the boutiques and gift shops were. The boutique shops had great stylish pieces and it was nice checking each of them out. We stopped by Guero’s Mexican for happy hour drinks and complimentary chips and salsa (check it out)!

For Dinner, we went to Mattie’s. I would suggest going here during the day since there is usually peacocks roaming around which would be a cool to take photos at that time. Later that night, we ended up going to W 6th st, a street of all bars and restaurants that was walk-able. This side of the street was classier and it was a really good crowd of people. This whole street was filled with young adults and college students that wanted to have a fun time. Any bar on this street is worthwhile to check out, it’s a really fun time!

Some of the bars/clubs we went to on this street that was so fun were:
Rustic Tap
Green light social

This is what our day looked like on Friday:
Breakfast: Coffee & smoothie bowls at Blenders & Bowls
Activity: Kayaking at the ladybird lake – One of my highlights from the trip! , visiting the Texas Capitol (so beautiful!)
Walking: Checking out Red River District (restaurants, live music, etc.)
Lunch: Pelon Tex Mex (Mexican Restaurant) on Red River District
Snack: Donuts from Voodoo Donuts (Have to try it!)
Dinner: Sophia’s Italian Restaurant for family style tapas dinner (yum!)
Nightlife: We traveled to E 6th st which they call it the dirty south here in Austin, a sweet of all bars that can get pretty rowdy. We barcrawled to some of these places: The Jackalope, Blind Pig Pub, Chupacabra Cantina. I defintely had too much to drink that night so Saturday was more of a relaxing day.

This is how we spent our day on Saturday:
Breakfast:  There’s tons of cute brunch spots in Austin, you can’t go wrong with any of them. We stopped at a small cafe spot for breakfast on W 6th st.
Went back to the Air bnb for a quick nap as I was so hung over and tired
Afternoon: Headed over to the Skyline Spa & Health Club hotel for a relaxing day spa which is what we needed. It was $15 for the pool, heated Jacuzzi, sauna and steaming room such a great deal!
Night: After the spa, we headed to Congress Bridge to see the bats fly out which was super cool! There were tons of people standing by the bridge, the view was so beautiful and an experience to see.
Nightlife: Since we were hung over from the night before, we ended up going to Cheer up Charlie, an outdoor seating patio and an indoor bar. This spot was definitely interesting, I felt like I was in Brooklyn, NY. Everyone there had funky hip outfits and it was different to see what other people wore at that spot. After, we walked down the street to listen to some live bands and stopped at one of the food trucks to have a gyro platter, omg wish I could go back because it was delicious!

Austin was the best time ever!!! I already miss it so much. The vibes, the people, the food, it was all so amazing! The street where the nightlife is was so convenient since the bars/clubs you can easily walk to. If you’re visiting for the first time, make sure to check out all the food trucks. Texas is known for their delish food trucks and they have seating to eat outside.










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