Pealsandplaces turned 3 yesterday!! Yay I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years already and how far I’ve come. I’ve learned so much being a part in the blogging community that has helped me become the girl boss I am today. I am sharing all of my experiences and some of my accomplishments from the past years. Why did I want to start a blog? I wanted to create a space where I can talk about the things I love, my experiences and post my fashion looks. My mission is to inspire women to feel confident in what they wear even if it’s recreating a look from their closet. My looks are mostly affordable and I talk about fashion, fitness, beauty and travel. Keep on reading to see my blogging/Instagram posting journey growth the past couple of years.

My blog is a creative outlet for me where I open up and share with you all a little about my life, the products that I enjoy using, my stylish affordable looks, my everyday experiences and great finds. When I first started my own blog, I was unsure as to what platform I should start on, so starting as a hobby I decided to use Tumblr to publish my posts. I liked using it for a little while but then I ended up transferring all my posts to WordPress since it’s a common platform that everyone is using now. I learned as I went. I played around with filters, photo posing, location scouting, and seeing what worked for me. I tried to be consistent as I could but I was always changing something up. What really helped me grow is the blogging community I am in. I have met so many amazing people who shared similar interests and it’s a really good feeling.


Some of my best moments were going to a TON of networking and blogger events. My blogger bestie Vanessa and I always found the most amazing events in the city and we went to them to get recognized and collaborate with other influencers. Going to Fashion week was like a dream come true. There were so many influencers and models dressed in the most fashionable clothing ever! From animal prints, to ruffles, leather, neon colors, everyone stood out and its always nice to watch people on the streets and take a look at what their wearing. The shows are really fun and that’s actually how I met Vanessa! I’m so proud of myself because the past couple of years I’ve hosted about 3 events and let me tell you, it’s intimidating at first but as a host you are in the spotlight so people look up to you and it’s a great way for others to recognize what you do and with social media being huge nowadays that’s where word out mouth comes in where people share everything. 

What I learned is that blogging and being consistent on the gram is not easy at all, it takes hard work and commitment. I always try to post when I get home from work or I’ll spend weekends working on it. It takes time to plan out photo shoots, content, blog posts and making effort to attend certain events around the blogging community. I love it so much that I strive to work hard, following my dreams, and it’s really a passion for me keep everyone up to date on the latest news as well. Blogging has helped me with which career choice I want to be headed into. As a creative person that loves to be around people and loves to travel, a career in social media or event marketing would be so perfect for me and it would be excellent for  networking opportunities. There are times when I’m so burned out or too tired to do anything. It’s ok to take a break from scrolling through Instagram, but then I get back to it when I refocus and get my thoughts together. Another thing I’ve learned is that blogging is not a competition. It shouldn’t matter how many followers you have, who has the prettiest outfits, and who goes to the most extravagant events. It’s about being loyal to your followers, being authentic, and posting things that you love. Being a part of Style Collective, an online blogging platform where Annie Spano, the founder provides guides, worksheets, demos, monthly calendars, and more! As a member, I’ve learned so much in such a supportive community and it’s been helping me with the process and keeping things organized. 

Some tips for those who just started a blog or thinking of creating one:

  • Always reach out to fellow blogger babes if you have any questions 
  • Don’t be shy to reach out to brands for collaborations even if you’re starting out! If you have passion towards a certain brand, I’m sure they’d love to work with you!
  • Most of the people I’m friends with I’ve actually found through Instagram, believe it or not! If you have similar interests with someone and you live close by, message them to get coffee and talk about each other’s blogs, careers, etc!
  • Stand out from other bloggers. There’s so many bloggers out there who post very similar things and wear similar types of clothing, so find what defines you and post about that. 

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