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Hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend and have a positive start to the week. The topic I am writing today is a difficult one as we all face challenges and think negativity thoughts on a daily basis. Mental blockages can hold us back and can make it impossible to grow as a person when it comes to decision-making like in a career choice, or in relationships. Do you ever feel  like you’re stuck and not moving forward? Do you have negative thoughts about yourself or another person throughout your day? How do you go about this? It’s really hard to remove these sort of negative mindsets but there are ways to improve to help clear your mind and start thinking positively. 

Sometimes when we are confused from these blockages, we tend to lose confidence and our mind scatters all over the place making us feel more confused and lost inside. We all go through creative blocks. A creative block is your worst enemy that can come from anywhere and gets in the way of your creativity and that’s when you over think about everything. The good thing is that it can be fixed but its a learning process that we all have to work on for ourselves in order to move forward. I’m currently going through some blockages myself that I’m still trying to cope with and become a stronger and healthier individual. 


  1. Yoga Practice
    • I’ve had the worst headaches lately and decided to join a yoga class and do it once or twice a week to open up my mind, and build a stronger mindset. I found a Groupon deal for a month to try out the yoga studio and tonight’s hot yoga was a killer. I almost passed out during the end of the class but boy it felt so good and my headache went away. I’m going to continue going a couple of times during the week. 
  2. Meditation
    • The other day I decided to put on some meditation music, close my eyes and think about everything that’s happening around me. I reflected on my job, my relationships, my younger self and just let myself go. I was in a deep phase and took long breaths to clear out my mind and just focus on what makes me happy. I opened my eyes afterward feeling so sleepy and that’s when I knew it was sweet dreams for me. You should try this out and see how you feel.
  3. Praying
    • Throughout the day, whether good or bad, I sit in a quiet place and talk out loud to myself directing my thoughts to God. If I feel upset, angry, hurt or a mix of emotions, I open up to God about my feelings and pray for the things that I would like to have in my life and what needs to be worked on. It really helps and I feel a really good connection when I do this. 
  4. Journaling
    • When we over think about a certain issue it really affects us in everyday life, almost like a cloud hovering our heads making it hard to use our creativity. For some people, it really helps having a journal and keeping note about how you feel, what you need to work on, and writing a few positive things that happened in your day. 
  5. Self-Care
    • We all need to know when to take a break to stop what we’re doing and take care of ourselves and our bodies. Every time I’m stuck or stressed out, I LOVE to get a nice deep tissue massage to remove all the knots from my back and loosen up my muscles. If you have a nice bath at home or at a hotel, let yourself go and take a nice bath with stress relief bath salts and sip on your favorite glass of wine.  If you feel like you just have bad energy all around you, try out a reiki healing session, a healing process that encourages emotional or physical healing. 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Samuel/@voyavanessa

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