Life can be hard on us sometimes. From an outsider perspective, many of us are perceived as the person who has it ALL. Sometimes scrolling through Instagram at least makes you believe that. Have you ever scrolled through the gram and ask yourself why your life isn’t as GOOD as someone else’s? In every day life, all of us go through experiences. We all go through bad experiences, bad moments that later on become a learning experience. Overthinking on certain topics just causes stress on our bodies and then affect us down the road.  Have you ever dealt with an upsetting situation that all you wanted to do was punch something or have a hard time distracting your mind from such negativity? I know I have. In our daily lives, we all go through ups and downs but we all find a way to improve ourselves. If you know someone who is always smiling all the time doesn’t mean that they’re always happy or everything in their life is perfect. Some of us hide these emotions and somehow push it through trusting that everything will be ok. 


Fitness plays a huge role in my life. Through tough times, I workout so it can distract my mind from any negativity around me. Working out is a healing process, When I get on that treadmill or sweat through cycling class, all my problems fade away and my attention is working out hard to getting what I want. Some of us have different ways in healing, which can lead to over eating which may not be the best option. It may feel good at that moment but eating all sorts of food in a short period of time just makes you feel like shit afterwards. For me, trying out different workouts has helped me become stronger to get out of my comfort zone. I tried a boxing class for my first time and wow it was hard but I felt great afterwards. I may not have remembered the entire movements but I did keep fighting and kept going. My arms felt like they were about to fall off haha but that’s when you know it’s a good workout. 

Having a fitness schedule really helps powering though all the stress that you’ve piled on top of. Going to the gym is a good way to improve yourself mentally and physically. Never tried a boot camp or a dance class? Go online and try out a class, challenge yourself, do what makes you happy. If you’re too shy to take a class on your own, ask a friend to join! I’m happy that my @westchesterbloggerbabes are a fun supportive group of women! We all support one another, share upcoming events, workout and brunch together.  

What are your thoughts on Fitness and it’s effect on well-being? How often do you change-up your workouts?

Photo Credit: Vanessa Samuel/@voyavanessa


  1. Hey Neelab! Love the post and you look amazing in all the pictures. I agree with everything in this post, well written.. Hopefully we can workout together soon!

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