We’ve all been there and still go through it as a matter in fact. When our mind lingers to the what if’s, should of’s, could have moments. The moments in life when you’re unsure if a certain person, place, or opportunity is the right thing for you. The thoughts in your head saying if it’s a good idea, if you should proceed or stand back. Do you go with the flow? or do you think about every decision that you make for yourself? It’s very important to understand ourselves on a deeper level to know what we want in life by trusting ourselves, listening to your gut feeling, and loving yourself through this process.

How many of you said YES to something when you knew it wasn’t a good idea but you wanted to go anyway to see if you were right about it or see how the experience may be? Sometimes we just say YES out of guilt to make the best out of the situation but sometimes that’s not the case. We always ask ourselves whether what we’re doing is leading us in the right path or not but the only person that knows the answer to that is YOU. The answers lie within us but it’s up to us to listen to our instinct and take action of this matter. 

Whether in a relationship or job,  take some time to re-evaluate and check in with yourself to make sure you’re happy. If you over think about a certain issue and feel like something’s not right or see any red flags, that’s the time to discuss with your partner or boss in the workplace and be open about how you feel. It’ll either be an understanding situation or if it doesn’t work out, then in your heart you know that you’re better and something else will come your way. 

I have many stories/experiences to tell but here’s a quick short story on how I trusted my instinct…

About a month ago, I signed up to be a part of a fashion event since my friend was in it thinking it would be a really cool experience. Later on, I kept having a bad gut feeling in my stomach but didn’t listen to it at first. The girl who hosted this event decided to be very demanding with non-stop texts  and wanted everything her way. A few days before the event my friend and I decided that it was best for the both of us to skip on this since it didn’t resonate with our brand at all. Later on from looking at photos I knew I didn’t miss out on anything and for the first time I was happy to listen to my instinct. 

Think back to yourself and your experiences. Was there a time when you sensed something didn’t feel right in your relationship? Did you open up to your partner? Were you able to resolve things? Or how about your job? What’s making you stressed? Do you have boundaries in place between you and your boss? We just have to open our minds and ask ourselves if what we’re doing feels right, if it doesn’t then you should be doing something about it.

So how do we start trusting our instincts? well first we need to listen to ourselves,  love yourself enough to be able to know what’s best for you. Don’t just do something because everyone else is doing it. If it benefits you in any way or if you’ll get something out of it then proceed. If your hesitant about a certain person, place, or opportunity then that’s when you to step back and ask yourself if you’re getting anything out of it. It’s very simple, if you’re having a bad gut feeling then just don’t do it, trust yourself that much to know what’s best for you. 

Snake Print OOTD

These snake print legging I’m wearing is from Vanilla Sky and I got them on sale for a little less than $20! They fit SO comfortably and it fits me very well. I’ve received so many compliments when going out in them. It’s soft, stretchy and I paired them with my favorite pair of everyday black booties to complete the look. I’ve linked similar snake print leggings that you can purchase for a good price. Be a bad ass and show them off, trust me people will notice :p

Photo Credit: Simone/@SimplybySimone
Photo Credit: Simone/@SimplybySimone
Photo Credit: Simone/@SimplybySimone
Photo Credit: Simone/@SimplybySimone


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